See scams in Rio de Janeiro, 🇧🇷 Brazil

Cheap Fake Gold Rings

carlos 2019-03-25
If you are waiting in line to see Christ Redentor and some woman carrying a baby or a kid offer you a ring and tell you that she found it and want some money to feed her kid. Just reject that dea...

Feed the birds scam

carlos 2019-03-25
If you are in Rio and you are near a park or historical part of the city and someone gives you a bag of seeds to feed the birds. Keep in mind that you gonna be charged for this bag of seeds. Most o...

Christ the Redeemer Tickets

carlos 2019-03-25
If you get in a taxi and you ask the driver to go visit Christ the redeemer there is a chance He gonna offer you to stop in some place and buy tickets so you don't need to wait in line 1 hour to ge...