See scams in 🇧🇷 Brazil

Fake Airport Pick Up

carlos 2019-03-25
Let's say that you travel to Brasil and when you arrive at the destination you have someone waiting for you holding a paper with your full name and they even know the hotel name you gonna stay. This person will tell you that they work at the hotel and that they will take you to the hotel. After you get in the car with your luggage he will take you somewhere and demand money to take you to the hotel. Since you don't know where you are and maybe it's night time there is a big chance maybe you gonna pay to this guy. This kind of people usually gets information from someone in the cabin crew. Since you need to feel the landing (or custom ) cards they can see in a glance your name and the name of the hotel you gonna stay. Always reject any transfer that you don't order or confirm with your hotel by phone or e-mail.
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