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Rio de Janeiro Night Club Trap

carlos 2019-03-25
This kind of scam usually targets male tourists. Brazil is known for having a beautiful woman and this sometimes can become a real trap. Let's say you want to have some fun and you are approached by a local that recommends you some places to go. Usually "lady bars". This kind of offer can sound good if you are single and with some male friends. But these bars are a massive tourist trap. You will sit down and have some girls come to talk with you. You will pay some drinks in the begging but after that, they will keep giving you more and more drinks and you don't order anything. Rounds of shoots and expensive cocktails. These girls will drink as fast as they can and keep you entertained. You can easily get a couple of thousand dollars bill and there is a big security guard that will make sure that you pay. These guys are so aggressive that they can even escort you to ATM and you force you to get money to pay. Stay away from these places.
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