See scams in Barcelona, 🇪🇸 Spain

Street betting game - cup or pea game

carlos 2019-04-02
This is a really famous scam around the world. You are walking in Barcelona and you see a guy playing with a lot of people around. These people are giving him money and try to guess where is the ball. (he hide the ball in one of 3 cups). When you start to watch you see people playing and winning money with no effort. Some of them will play and lose but will look to you really easy to guess where the ball is. So when you decide to make some quick bucks you try it and you just lose your money. The thing is that all these people are part of a gang and they are just pretending that they are playing to call your attention. When you play you gonna lose for sure because the guy gonna trick you and remove the ball without your notice. There is no way you gonna make money in this game. So just keep walking. Sometimes even watch can be dangerous because since they are all part of the same gang they can pickpocket you.
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