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Train Luggage stolen

carlos 2019-04-02
I was doing a long distance train travel in Italy (about 3 hours train). In these trains, there is no space for your luggage near you so you need to put your luggage in a place near the entrance. So there is no way you can see your luggage during the travel and control your stuff. The thieves will usually act in a group and spot you before you get on the train. Some of them will control and see if you get up and give information to the other ones that will get all your luggage. The result: I lost all my clothes, luckily I carried my passport and laptop with me in a small bag. I end up going to the police but don't solve anything. So my advice is: Try to put your luggage under your seat even if makes your travel really uncomfortable. If your luggage is too big try to check it every time the train stop,
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