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The king palace is closed

carlos 2019-03-19
This scam is really famous. Usually you don't lose money on it but you will waste your time. When you are around the king palace (sometimes can happen in other areas) you are approach by someone that speak really good english. That person start to ask you where are you from and do a lot of small talk. They will you that the king palace is closed and you cannot visit it. So you should do a small tour around bangkok and visit 2 or 3 different places for a extremely low price like 40 bath (1 EURO) Out of nowhere a tuk tun will appear and will take you and your friends to a temple, golden mountain and any other random place. The problem is that between each visit the tuk tuk driver will force you to visit a Suite Shop, a tourist shop that sell extremely expensive tours etc. If a similar situation happen to you make sure you don't waste time with this guys.
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